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Those interested in hiring foreign workers in Romania have the contact details below for any question on this topic. We will certainly be able to answer any concerns or questions you may have on this topic. In the course of time, we have encountered many particular situations in which we have been able to come to the aid of our clients. This experience is at your disposal.

Also, to facilitate discussions, we recommend organizing a meeting, depending on everyone’s availability. This way we can quickly address any concerns related to the process of recruiting and hiring foreign workers. We know that a face-to-face meeting in some cases weighs more than an exchange of emails or a few phone conversations. Through transparency and openness, we want to eliminate any feeling of insecurity that hiring foreign workers might cause you.

We invite you to our headquarters or, if it is more convenient for you, we can go to any indicated location.

We are at your disposal for details about the recruitment process or available foreign candidates.

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